My Absence

I apologize to everyone on the site for my somewhat spotty attendance in the past week.I have been going thru a little bit of a family crisis and have not had time to update a great deal. I WILL BE updating shortly, as soon as I get this situation under control. Thanks for understanding.


In the mean time, I leave you with this. Apparently, they do not think very highly of the Ciber-crime management…

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Nice Beginning Article on Reversing Android

David Teitelbaum has released a very nice, all encompassing intro

to reversing Android. It is very easy to follow as he completely reverses a simple “Hello World” application. Check it out.

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She Is 17-years-old, She Did It Publicly In High School And While Drunk

This title has nothing to do with anything except it was used to drop a trojan into millions of unsuspecting users. I figured if this title is sexy enough to make that many people click on it (and then fill out a questionnaire WITH THEIR CELL PHONE NUMBER ON IT) then I would test it out for click-ability here. From now on, anything that I don’t think very many people will click on, I am putting this in the title. I mean, this post is about almost nothing and yet you’re still reading, so I guess it works :)


Of course, this is a lot of typing for a title, so I will shorten it to SDIPIHSAWD, which I think actually has a nice ring to it.

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And The Most Posts Submitted In A Single Sitting Goes To…

I’m sure scientists 30 years from now will still be going through NickyBlue’s posts on the forum (all 700 pages of them). Even though I appreciate his spunk, I would appreciate it more if he would send me whatever medication he’s on. If I had that much energy, I would have finally been able to get through Gravity’s Rainbow!

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New .NET Crackme and Tutorial by Xor06

Xor06 has released a new crackme and tutorial based on Visual Basic .NET. Download it on the tutorials

page. Kepp up the good work, Xor06.

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We’re Official Now…

Nonobit has informed me that ESET Smart Security now blocks TheLegendOfRandom as a malicious web site. I wear this as a badge of honor.

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WOW Players Killed! Threaten to Leave Mom’s Basement.

Many World of Warcraft players were surprised that, due to an exploit on the site, several cities were decimated

, killing all people who lived in them. In other news, the jobless rate has plummeted because of former out of work 20-somethings who were spending all of their time on online games have no option but to get a job…

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New Debugger For Amd 64-bit Apps

Feryno over at the x86asm.net

site has released a debugger for AMD 64-bit apps. Looks very promising, and it goes to show what can be accomplished in assembly language (this debugger uses FASM.) As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of data displayed in the debugger:

There is also a version for Linux.

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An Amazing Vulnerability Discovery Regarding Rar Files

Tavis Ormandy has come out with an amazing article

on exploiting .rar files. Apparently, there is a virtual machine that runs with rar files (used for filtering) but can be programmed manually. Tavis shows how a hello world can be executed automatically when opening a .rar file. I am sure we will hear more about this exploit in the future. In the meantime, read the article . It’s fascinating…

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The Real Workers Behind T.L.O.R.

I just wanted to take a minute and give a shout out to the moderators of this site. Without them, this site would not be anywhere near as great a site as it is. Besides the constant bombardment of spam they must deal with (the benefits of a site growing in popularity) they also answer questions with lightning speed and help contribute a great deal behind the scenes.

So cheers to Nwokiller and Xor06 (Rip06), and thanks for all the hard work!

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